Legend Sports Direct

Legend Sports Direct, are an apparel retail company. Their services are both into retail market and online. Legend sports Direct are our first and proud partner of our services provided. We offer both Retail Business solutions and Commerce IT support to this company. After becoming our client there has been a tremendous change in their sales numbers per year. With the e – Commerce business services we are providing today they are hugely satisfied in maintaining their online dashboard data, seller central integrations, inventory data management and their website integration.



Nutrimmense Food & Supplements, are a Nutraceutical manufacturing company, they are our first overseas client. After having a very successful badge for providing IT services for various companies. We started offering our IT application support services for various tools in Health care companies too. Nutrimmense Food & Supplements are our first client in this path. We are offering It support to this overseas company by providing support on applications and securing the sensitive data. We build, host & manage their internal CRM systems. We do their data management for clinical research data on their products and data from their Research and Development department. We also built an automation system to support their supply chain management. We are even offering our Retail business services for their future endeavors in huge Health care Market in USA.